The 13 VAT secrets SARS doesn't want me to publish

The Practical Vat Loose Leaf
To say I was nervous when our company’s first VAT return was due, is the understatement of the year! Even though my accountant assured me that all our documents were in order, I was still worried. What if SARS demanded an audit and found something wrong?

It was during this stressful time that I stumbled across an e-mail very similar to what I'm about to share with you…

It offered a free way to highlight potential risk areas in my VAT management system – before SARS discovers them.

I replied to the invitation and received the secret to managing my company’s VAT review. And because I found the book so valuable, I’m extending the same invitation to you.

Your VAT Loose Leaf invitation

When you accept my invitation to try The Practical VAT Loose Leaf we’ll include, at no extra cost your free gift: 13 Steps to a Successful VAT Review. This valuable book is yours to keep, regardless of whether you decide The Practical VAT Loose Leaf is for you.The secrets SARS don't want me to publish are in 13 Steps to a Successful VAT Review.

How 13 Steps to a Successful VAT Review kept my business in SARS’ good books

When I received my copy of 13 Steps to a Successful VAT Review, conducting a VAT review was made easy because of the step-by-step instructions that showed me exactly how to do everything from assessing the risk of my VAT to claiming back my diesel levy fund correctly.

Doing a VAT review was the smartest business decision I made because not only did it give me peace of mind but it also gave me a chance to spot and fix mistakes before SARS could penalise me for them.

Yes! I want to know the 13 VAT secrets
SARS doesn't want me to know about

Your early warning system

Maybe you’re an accountant, manager or simply a business owner worried about the state of your company’s accounts. The truth is,  if you deal with VAT then you can do with an early warning system.

I used this gift I received for free to spot errors in my company’s VAT apportionments, VAT returns and VAT invoices. It was so easy to use because it had step-by-step instructions that told me exactly where the key VAT risks areas were and how to fix them. And what a relief it was when it warned me of the SARS audit teams’ first stops: Invoices.

You see, my business made out a tax invoice to one of our overseas suppliers and the currency on the invoice was made in dollars. Thanks to the checklist on page 31 I realised that the standard-tax rated tax invoices must always be denominated in South African currency! I was able to fix this mistake and so helped my company to avoid hefty penalties from SARS.

A flashing red light before you make a VAT mistake

And this is just one of the many topics covered in 13 Steps to a Successful VAT Review. Here’s some of the other areas covered in 13 Steps to a Successful VAT Review:

Today I want to offer you just that: a free system that can save you a fortune in VAT penalties. At Fleet Street Publications, we’ve reserved for you a free copy of the practical guide 13 Steps to a successful VAT Review that you’ll receive together with your copy of Practical VAT Loose Leaf when you accept my invitation.

Practical VAT Loose Leaf is crammed with easy-to-use tips, checklists, letters and sample forms that’ll take the hassle out of VAT. It will also point out where your staff needs more training or where you need to pay closer attention to certain issues. Follow this link to accept my invitation for our service and receive your free copy of 13 Steps to a Successful VAT Review with your risk-free offer of the Practical VAT Loose Leaf today.

Having your ducks in a row when SARS comes around for a VAT audit is just one of added bonuses you’ll receive when ordering the Practical VAT Loose Leaf. You see, this publication will show you how to meet all your VAT obligations with minimum effort. All the tips, recommendations and information in the Practical VAT Loose Leaf are 100% legal and everything is checked by two independent consultants.

Yes! I want to know the 13 VAT secrets
SARS doesn't want me to know about

One part of the penalty-proof system that makes VAT easy and SARS happy

At FSP Business we’ve developed the perfect system that’ll help you pay less VAT, avoid VAT traps and complete your VAT forms without any hassles. Our mission’s to make VAT easy and that’s why I’ve included in this report a few tips that’ll show you how our system can help you get on SARS’s good side:

VAT TIP #1: Register for VAT

All businesses with revenue of R1 million or more need to pay VAT . Severe penalties exist if you fail to register. This means that your fate’s pretty much sealed if your company’s making high profits.

It may feel like SARS penalises you for being successful. But when you order the Practical VAT Loose Leaf I’ll show you how to tip the VAT scale in your favour with tips like:

If your company’s revenue’s above R500 000 it’s recommended that you voluntarily apply for VAT to avoid legal complications that could end up costing a fortune. When you order the Practical VAT Loose Leaf you’ll receive more advice on registering for VAT like…

Once you’re registered for VAT , you’ll have to submit a VAT201 return form on a regular basis (this depends on your revenue). And it’s this VAT201 form that causes many restless nights… but it doesn’t have to. Let me show you…

VAT TIP #2: Get SARS to pay you a refund

But if you read on I’ll show you how you can avoid VAT traps and pay less money to SARS when you fill in your next VAT201 form.

Side-step VAT traps and reduce your VAT bill

SARS has provided little-known loopholes in the VAT law that allows for a low or even negative VAT liability. Input tax claims is one such loophole. This is when you claim the VAT back on supplies that you’ve paid over to your suppliers.

Use this handy checklist (taken from the Practical VAT Loose Leaf) and make sure you are claiming input tax on the following things:

The Practical VAT Loose Leaf provides many more ways to increase your input tax. Some of the topics on this include:

Input tax claims are just one of the ways to pay less VAT . The Practical VAT Loose Leaf will show you how to maximise your input tax which means your VAT liability will be lower. This means that the chances of SARS owing you a refund is greater!

But input tax claims are just one of the topics covered in the more than 350 pages of fine print of the VAT Tax Act. And that’s why even the smartest professionals are sometimes unaware of the loopholes in the act. Our mission at FSB Business is to ensure SARS doesn’t milk you for your money. And that’s where our free VAT Helpdesk comes in…

VAT TIP #3: Use this FREE service when you have tricky VAT questions

The Practical VAT Loose Leaf has translated VAT into easy-to-read, jargon-free, practical examples and step-by-step instructions that covers topics from Agents and auctioneers to Zero-rated supplies.

But if you don’t find an answer to your query in our alphabetised and fully-indexed file, you can make use of our FREE service available to all Practical VAT Loose Leaf subscribers.

Simply visit the, log in and select the VAT Helpdesk and post your question - an answer from a VAT expert within 72 hours!

Yes! I want to know the 13 VAT secrets
SARS doesn't want me to know about

Avoiding VAT traps is as easy as falling off a log with the Practical VAT Loose Leaf. But I don’t want you to rely on my word alone. This is what some business owners had to say when they got access to the system professional accountants use:

“I have used your handbook on a number of occasions and have found it most useful, especially with regards to what I can claim and what I cannot claim.”

D Nash

"As I am subscribed to the Tax and VAT loose-leaf service, it gives me the blessed ability to contact Peter Franck directly. He responded to my email, we spoke over the phone – (I had a huge problem with the “heavies” from SARS Megawatt Park and Peter’s advice and assistance was absolutely invaluable. I cannot thank you enough for making this service available – you kept us out of jail – thank you, thank you!"

Jacquie Scott-Crossley

“The Practical VAT Loose Leaf has made me realise that some of my invoices I received in the past were not up to standard, and that I now will not accept an invoice that is not up to standard nor pay it.”

W Beetge

“Amidst the ever changing legislation, deadlines and increasing workload, one needs an easy-to-find, practical manual such as yours!.”

E. Dicker

“I must compliment the content and lay out of the VAT Loose Leaf. It is very helpful to refresh ones memory. The documents that need to be retained are a bonus.”

C. Greyling

These are only a fraction of the more than 8 690 businesses that finds the Practical VAT Loose Leaf of indispensible value. And I believe that one of the reasons (apart from all the ways in which it shows you to pay less VAT ) is because of the smart way in which it presents 100% legal information in a useful and practical way.

A team of VAT gurus at your service

Let me not take all the credit. The Practical VAT Loose Leaf consists of a powerful team of VAT experts. Let me introduce you to the rest of them:

VAT guru #1: She’s written the law and will show you how you can pay less VAT legally

Dee Bezuidenhout is a former VAT manager at BDO, ex-SARS law administrator and interpreter and auditor with 23 years SARS experience behind her. Dee has drafted several VAT guides for SARS and assisted several other countries with the implementation and drafting of their VAT laws.

It’s with this experience and expertise that she’s able to show you exactly where the VAT traps are and how to avoid them – she’s written them after all!

VAT guru #2: An insider on your side

Kallie van der Merwe is an advocate and former SARS law administration group manager responsible for indirect taxes. With his insider knowledge we’ll show you exactly what to do to stay in SARS’s good books.

VAT guru #3: “I help professional accountants avoid SARS audits”

Christo Augustyn is the manager of the Indirect Tax department at KPMG. Christo holds a National Diploma in Internal Audit. As an audit-fundi he knows exactly what SARS will look at. And in the Practical VAT Loose Leaf he’ll show you what to do to reduce your chance of being audited.

With the support of this team there’s little wonder that professional accountants are turning to the Practical VAT Loose Leaf for tips, tricks and tools to make VAT easy.

Professional accountants are only some that benefit from practical VAT advice…

The Practical VAT Loose Leaf has helped CEOs, company secretaries, financial managers, financial controllers, financial directors, managers, managing directors, owners and even tax consultants. In fact, anyone that deals with VAT will benefit from the Practical VAT Loose Leaf. It won’t only show you how to tip the VAT scales but also give you advice on topics like…

Reply to this offer to receive 13 Secrets that SARS doesn’t want me to publish

For complete access to the system professional accountants (and thousands of other business professionals) use, order the Practical VAT Loose Leaf at R2 342.70 by filling out the form. Remember, you've got a 30-day money back guarantee! We’ll include with your order a FREE booklet, 13 Steps to a successful VAT review.

This booklet is your personal early warning system and will flash a red light whenever you’re about to make a VAT mistake. It comes complete with 12 checklists and three sample letters plus two VAT form templates. But this is only part of the system professional accountants are using to avoid VAT traps…

And that's just the start

The Practical VAT Handbook comes with an essential updating service, the special report: 13 Steps to a successful Vat Review!, access to the 24/7 expert Vat advice helpdesk and three bonus Vat saving reports.

You'll also immediately receive FIVE FREE BONUS GIFTS to  help you take the hassle out of VAT and make the Receiver your friend!

Combined, these gifts have a total value of R1 000 - Yours absolutely free

To welcome you as a new subscriber, you’ll get instant tax savings, with these FREE five gifts and services:
  1. You'll find out how to spot the key VAT risk areas and potential errors in your VAT management system - before SARS discovers them.
  2. You have access to a personalised VAT Helpdesk service where a team of VAT experts are available 24/7 to answer your specific questions.
  3. How to prepare once SARS selects you for an audit
  4. 11 Tips for a stress-free registration process
  5. 3 Ways to avoid a 200% SARS penalty on fixed asset rentals

Total Value R2 999

But you only pay R999
(And it's backed with my 100% satisfaction guarantee)

The Practical VAT Handbook is developed by VAT experts, who individually charge their clients over R1 000 an hour, but here you pay just R1 995 for their 24/7 advice.

The full subscription is valued at only R2 999…. which is a pittance, compared to the tax savings you’ll make within a few months.

Today, you can secure the full subscription for as little as R999 excl VAT - a massive R2 000 saving..

Your entire package includes

The 500 page Practical Vat handbook (valued at R1 995)
Essential updating service* pay as you go
13 Steps to a successful Vat review (valued at R159)
Free expert advice to solve your tax problems (valued at R499)
How to prepare once SARS selects you for an audit (valued at R115)
11 Tips for a stress-free Vat registration process (valued at R115)
3 Ways to avoid a 200% SARS penalty (valued at R115)

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE: When you subscribe to The Practical VAT Handbook Subscription Service, you will be invoiced for the option you select. The handbook comes with an essential updating service to keep you on top of updated legislation and new information. *The cost of each updating issue varies depending on the number of pages it contains and you will be invoiced for these when they are sent to you.

Yours sincerely

Peter Frank
Contributor: The Practical VAT Handbook

PS. Here's my personal guarantee to you. If at any time during the next 30 days, for any reason whatsoever, you decide the Practical VAT Handbook service isn’t for you, simply call or email us and return the Practical VAT Handbook in its original condition.
You will be refunded every cent of the subscription price.
It doesn’t get any simpler than that.
No pressure – no gimmicks – no strings attached.

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